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  • FreeBSD –UNIX based operation system (server);
  • Microsoft Windows, Microsoft.NET Framework (workstations).
  • MySQL – database server. Built on a client/server module it consists of a mysqld daemon and various client applications. Accessible via various UNIX platforms as well as via Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, which makes it multi-platform. With UNIX platforms MySQL uses a thread, which makes it a highly efficient and scalable database server;
  • Apache – an open-source web server, stable and supporting a convenient set of functions. With UNIX-based Apache is usually the choice for a web server in most installations;
  • eAccelerator – an application, which caches the compiled PHP files and greatly increases the speed of PHP applications;
  • QMail – e-mail server;
  • GNU Aspell – spell-check application.
  • PHP – Abbreviation from PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Embedded language used for the creation of scripts by the server. Works in HTML documents, adding the option of generating content as desired;
  • SQL – structured query language. SQL is the standard language for accessing relational databases and manipulating the information within them. SQL is an ANSI and an ISO standard and is supported by almost all relational databases;
  • HTML/XHTML/DHTML – Hypertext Markup Language;
  • JavaScript - an addition to the HTML with its real-time functions;
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets.
  • C# – part of Microsoft .NET Framework;
  • HTC and HTA - Microsoft client control technologies;
  • XML
  • Binary Behavior – Microsoft commercial technology. It is used for larger client controls with more functions. The С# programming language and the Microsoft.NET Framework platform are used for implementation;
  • AJAX – JavaScript based technology which allows for the real time execution of server queries.
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