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Elements has embedded systems for navigation, for status management, for determining unique record identifiers, a register of all system and user interactions, a notes system, a system for extending and customization of software objects.
System Core
Elements’ main system. Provides the necessary environment to run all other systems and controls.
Navigation System
Elements’ main navigation system. The system is responsible for the navigation in the application
Dynamic Properties
Status System
The status system allows the user to customize the statuses of objects and to define relations between them himself, thus implementing very basic business logic in the application.
Records Code System
A system for customization and generation of codes of records. The code system is a single business object, which allows the user to indicate if the code of an object should be generated automatically
User Access Rights
Customizing the access rights for groups of users and individual users to work with the application. Access rights are defined at a user group level as each user can belong to more than one group
Print and E-Mail
System for administering templates for printing and e-mailing of objects. Elements has a system for the management of print templates for each object
User Settings, Profiles
Due to the large extent of personalization that Elements offers, there is a system of managing and saving user specific settings.
Service Manager
A subsystem for monitoring and support of various services, which have been developed for the corresponding application.
Record Archiving
A system for the archiving of records. Record archiving is a system, which allows records from objects to be hidden from the application to ensure better operation
Records Locking
Managing and setting the locking of records. For those objects where a large number of users operate at a given time and there is a risk of two users trying to edit the same record simultaneously
Log System
A system to register user activities and to monitor the operations of the application.
Notes System
A system of adding notes to each record. The notes system allows the users to enter notes to each record in the system
Messaging between users. Integrates a system for user communication, which is similar to the widely used Instant Messenger applications
A module for support, development and utilization of helpful information about the application. The organization of the help information follows the architecture of the platform – in modules, submodules, objects, extensions, groups of properties and properties.
Color Management System
A system which allows to modify the colors, fonts and the interface of the application.
Multiple languages
A system for adding data in objects in more than one language. Each object can be designed to support more than one language.
Recycle Bin
A system, which allows a deleted record to be retrieved back or to be permanently removed from the system. Record deletion is implemented at system level
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