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What is a business object
The applications created with Elements aim at facilitating the process of data entry for users, to provide the link between them and to provide the necessary processing – in queries or graphics.
Record code
Each object has its unique primary key and a separate unique code. The code, in contrast to the primary key, is a text and therefore allows the user to define it
Record Reference
As each record can be identified in the system according to its allocated primary key, the need arises to use additional texts, which would be “understandable” for the user.
Object Types
The goal of each application, regardless if it is an ERP system or just and administrative section of a website, is to facilitate the way users insert a certain number of “datasets” according to their work.
Context Related Objects
These are objects that would remain meaningless out of a context. This is why Elements shows these objects only in the form of the related parent object
Non-context Related Objects
Objects which may, though not mandatory, be viewed in context. For example we might be expecting to view the orders of a client from his form.
Inheritance of objects is an indispensable technique in object-oriented programming. Elements allows the design and development of web applications using this method.
Elements classifies all queries as being objects with an interface section only and which often lack an own table, but rather show the data from one or more alternative objects in a predefined unified form, which can be a list or a graphical view.
Structure of a business object
Each business object has one or more tables and a minimum of 3 classes.
Lists And Forms
Apart from the business logic, each object has two more classes (each consisting of three layers) – List and Edit.
Despite the availability of XML files and the code generated, sometimes external “plug-ins” to the objects are also to be written
Deleting Records
Record deletion can be either a trivial task or a subject handled by a considerable subsystem.
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