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Elements is composed of several layers – a system layer, an application layer, business logic and user interface. The platform is built in several levels:

  • System layer – ensures the operation of the lower level – system customization and environment;
  • Application Layer – manages the relations between objects and their modules and the settings of all objects, modules and extensions. It takes care of the dynamic properties, the codes of the records in the system and the relations between objects. It controls and configures the status, extension and the access rights to each object within the application. Elements provides a wide number of controls, which can be usually found in a typical user interface;
  • Business Logic – basic functionalities of all business objects in the system;
  • User Interface – Elements takes care of the entire user interface, its features and adjustments.
Elements organizes the relevant application into modules, submodules and objects. Objects constitute the main logical frame of each software solution developed using this platform. They have their properties, organized in groups, extensions, related objects, dynamic properties and functions that they are expected to fulfill, and are arranged and organized in submodules and in modules.
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